Penang Curry


  • 1. Add 100 mls of water to 100 grams of Penang Curry Blend in a bowl to make a paste
  • 2. Take 1Kg chicken thigh fillets or beef, cut in pieces and fry in 3 tbsp of oil till lightly brown (2-3 minutes). Add this paste to the slightly browned chicken or beef and cook till meat is done. Add a little water as needed
  • 3. Add 200 mls of coconut cream to finish.


Garlic, Ginger, Salt, Onion, Turmeric,Bay Leaves, Cloves, Chilli, Garam Masala, Mace, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Lemon Grass, Galangal, Soy Sauce,Fish Sauce.