RAJ FOODS started its journey way back in the year 2006 and since its inception, the Company’s sole objective has been to make the

World experience the taste of instant authentic Indian and Asian,Finger foods and Seasonings.​

​​RAJ FOODS Curry Mixes are extensively used in hotels, clubs, homes, restaurants and other Catering Establishments to prepare instant

and authentic Indian and Asian dishes (Just add water or required cream).​

​​To make certain that this authentic taste is savoured by millions worldwide, we pack with freshness instant packaging of resealable pouches of

1 kg. And 5 kg. Bags​

​​Fully automated through the entire chain of processing till the final packaging, the result is a delightful flavour that is simply irresistible.​​​

With a relentless pursuit to excel, our product development team, have created and continued to do so range of innovative curries.

Our range includes more than 40 Indian curries and 8 Asian Curries, each of them unique and possesses a legacy of their own: and the secret behind

these magical curries and the greatest advantage of these products are they are instant and calculation free.​

Simply divide the quantity of meat by 10​

E.g. 100 grams of powder make 1 kg of meat.​

1 kg. Of powder makes 10 Kgs. meat so on and so forth.​

All our products from freshly ground spices and onions, free from all animal and Dairy By-Products, 100 % vegetarian,

Gluten-free,Lactose-free, Halal, Vegan, No artificial flavourings and preservation, No MSG and manufactured with imported ingredients in Australia.

​​RAJ FOODS conforms to the highest standards of quality and food safety, just the reason why our plant in HACCP accredited and certified

for this adherence to prescribed quality norms.

All our Curry products have a shelf life of almost 2 years and do not need to be refrigerated. Today’s busy lifestyle and discerning change in the dietary

choices combined with the need for saving in labour cost (Saving of 60%) and food cost (Saving of 30%) in large volume

Food Service industries, has led to the assuring continued growth for Raj Foods in this market